TP Link Router Login

TP Link Router Login is the quick and convenient procedure that facilitates access to the settings, features and functions of your Router. It gives you holistic management control over this sophisticated Device.


Settings That You Can Manage with TP Link Router Login

TP Link Routers are state-of-the-art gadgets known for their cutting-edge technology and unbeatable customization options. It allows you to alter its Settings to suit your requirements for getting an unparalleled experience.

  1. Alter Network Name, Wireless Settings, Enable SSID Broadcast, Channel Width, Internet Speed Rate etc.
  2. Change your Router’s IP Address and Password for protecting your Network from unauthorized access.
  3. Customize the DHCP Server Settings with TP Link Login.
  4. Manage the Browsing Time and Online Activity of your children by enabling its Parental Control feature.
  5. Activate your Router’s intuitive features like Bandwidth Control with TP Link Router Login.
  6. Achieve a perfectly secure Internet by segregating it into Home and Guest Network. You can do so by enabling the Guest Access Feature.

TP Link Login Process

TP Link Router Login is available through multiple procedures and platforms. You can access it directly on your Computer which is hooked to the TP Link Router. Alternatively, access your Router’s Settings remotely from a different Computer. Not only that, you can access it on your Smartphone by means of a software application.

  1. This method of Router Login is possible only when your System is hooked to the Internet through this world class Router. In other words, the very first step requires you to use an Ethernet Cable to connect this Router to your Network Access Point i.e. the Modem. As such, simply plug in this cable to both the Devices.
  2. Once the Modem and Router are securely connected, hook up the Router to a stable Power Source. For this, you can plug in its Power Cable to a Wall Outlet. Now, check the back side of your Router for a Power Switch. Switch it on to power up this Device.
  3. Thereafter, TP Link Router Login requires you to connect the Router with your Computing Device. You can opt for Wired or Wireless Connection as per the Router’s Connectivity Options. For Wired Routers, simply use an ethernet Cable to hook it up with your Computer.
  4. However, in case of Wireless Routers, turn on the Computer’s Wireless Network. From the list of available Networks available on your System, select your TP Link Router. Then, enter its Password when prompted. You can easily check the Router’s Name and Password from the bottom side.
  5. In order to proceed further with TP Link Router Login, approach your Computer.
  6. Now, launch an easily available Internet Browser on your System. You may have Google Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.
  7. Next, you must go to the required web page for TP Link Router Login. For this, you must use the default IP Address of your Router as the URL. In other words, type in “http //192.168.I.254” in the Browser’s Address Bar. Then, hit “Enter”.
  8. As a result, it takes you to the desired web page to execute the TP Link Router Login process.
  9. This window prompts you to enter the accurate Login Credentials for your Router. As such, enter the Network Name and Password correctly in the specified fields.
  10. Another key point to remember is that your Router has a default Name and Password which is provided at the very bottom of your Device. In most of the cases, it is “admin”. This means that first-time users should use this as the Network Name and Password for TP Link Router Login.
  11. However, in case you have altered the credentials in the past by accessing your Router. Then, use the Network Name and Password that you must have set.
  12. Finally, look for the highlighted tab that says “Log In/ Sign In”. You will find it located around the window’s middle section. Hence, clickon it.
  13. With this, you can easily complete the TP Link Login process without much hassle. Following that, it will lead you to reset the Login Credentials in case of first-time login.

In the same way, you can also access your Router at “”. The entire process remains the same. This process is also possible only when your Router is connected to the System over the Internet. Along with that, you can remotely access your Router’s Settings at “”. For this, you must establish a user account on this portal. However, in case you want to access this Router through your Smartphone. Then, get its user-friendly Tether App from Google’s or Apple’s Play Store.

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