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Friday 31 October  
Showing items for Rita Verdonk on RNW

Bulletin: Breakaway right-wingers in populist merger

Two small rightwing populist parties have announced they are merging into a single new...

Bulletin: Woman who would be PM leaves politics

Former Dutch Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk is quitting politics after dismal...

Bulletin: Migrants prosecuted for Dutch residency fraud

About 350 failed asylum seekers who were granted Dutch residence permits under a 2006...

Article: Press Review Thursday 17 June 2010

Beer babes stunt gets out of hand, but an orange convoy of vehicles may wish it had some...

Article: Press Review Thursday 8 April 2010

While the Dutch Labour Party and Rita Verdonk’s Proud of the Netherlands present...

Article: Rightwing Verdonk: give police 20% pay rise

Rita Verdonk's Proud of the Netherlands (TON) party wants to reduce public spending by...

Article: Press Review Tuesday 2 March 2010

Contradictory financial inquiry leaves top banker reeling, Dutch church abuse scandal...

Article: Surprising poll ahead of local elections

An opinion poll indicates almost twice as many seats in parliament for the Dutch Green...

Article: Dutch MPs reject motion against minarets

The Dutch parliament has rejected a motion to restrict the building of minarets in the...

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