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Friday 31 October  
Showing items for native on RNW

Bulletin: Britain to return Aboriginal remains to Australia

The Natural History Museum in London said on Thursday that it has agreed to return 138 sets of...

Bulletin: Australians giving up on Aboriginals: poll

Australians are losing interest in the plight of Aborigines, a survey found Monday, days after...

Bulletin: Australian PM tells Aboriginals to help themselves

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard Wednesday urged Aboriginals to take more responsibility...

Bulletin: N.Z museum mulls options for mummified Maori heads

For decades, New Zealand has campaigned for museums to repatriate the mummified and heavily-...

Bulletin: Australia's Aborigines to launch political party

An Aboriginal activist seeking to establish a political party for Australia's native people...

Bulletin: Oz to hold constitutional referendum on Aborigines

Australia Monday announced a national referendum on recognising the country's Aborigines in the...

Bulletin: Native Australian too 'white' for Aboriginal charity

An Australian Aboriginal woman said she was "humiliated" Thursday after being told she was too...

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