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Saturday 1 November  
Showing items for Freedom Party on RNW

Bulletin: Wilders again fails to postpone ESM debate

A broad majority in parliament has rejected a third request from Freedom Party leader...

Bulletin: Wilders sets cabinet ultimatum over ESM

Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders has given the cabinet until four o'clock Monday...

Bulletin: Wilders seeks injunction to block fiscal pact

Freedom Party (PVV) leader Geert Wilders is seeking an injunction against the Dutch...

Bulletin: Freedom Party renegade forms new party

Freedom Party renegade Hero Brinkman has announced he is forming his own party to take...

Article: Europe gloats over Dutch budget crisis

"It's an overriding obligation for politicians to honour agreements made."...

Article: Dutch Press Review Monday 23 April 2012

The papers all consider what is going to happen now government talks on the 2013 budget...

Article: Wilders back on the barricades

Early elections in the Netherlands are all but certain after negotiations on austerity...

Bulletin: Freedom Party outrage at lunch with Gül

The anti-Islam Freedom Party (PVV) in the southern province of Limburg has slammed its...

Bulletin: Potential bomb under Dutch cabinet

The knowledge that former Freedom Party MP Hero Brinkman has about its funding could...

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