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Thursday 23 October  

World's tallest man picks up his Dutch shoes

Published on 13 June 2012 - 4:07pm
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The world's tallest man will be coming all the way to the Netherlands on Thursday to collect... a pair of shoes! A specialist shoemaker in the eastern town of Zutphen has made him a new pair.

German-born cobbler Georg Wessels has been making specialized shoes for over 25 years, catering for people who are unusually tall and have the oversize feet that go with that height. Travelling is not always easy for such tall people, so Wessels occasionally goes to his clients to deliver the wares. His delivery rounds have taken him as far afield as Russia, China, Zimbabwe and Mongolia.

This time, though, the client, Sultan Kösen from Turkey - the tallest man alive at 2.51 metres - will come himself. He wears a European size 60, that's at least a size 23 in the US; his feet are approximately 40 cm long.

Footwear of these dimensions is hard to find in ordinary shops, so Mr Kösen decided it was time for a trip to Zutphen.


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