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Saturday 25 October  

Freedom Party overtakes VVD in opinion poll

Published on 27 May 2012 - 1:01pm
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The Freedom Party (PVV) is ahead of the conservative VVD in the latest poll by Maurice de Hond. Apparently if there were an election now, Geert Wilders' Freedom Party would win 25 seats in parliament, with caretaker Prime Minister Mark Rutte's VVD right behind them with 24 seats.

In the poll, the Freedom Party has one more seat than they actually have and two more than polled last week. At present, the VVD is the biggest party in the 150-member Lower House with 31 seats, in last week’s poll the party only had a virtual 25 seats.

Socialist Party
However, the Socialist Party (SP) is currently leading the polls with 30 seats, one more than polled last week and twice as many as it actually has at the moment. SP leader Emile Roemer says he wants to be prime minister if his party is the biggest in the parliamentary elections on 12 September.

The losers in the polls are the Labour Party and Christian Democrats (CDA). The Labour Party has a virtual 21 seats in the poll, 2 less than last week, and 9 down on their current number. The governing Christian Democrats polled at 14 seats, one less than last week. The Christian Democrats currently have 21 seats in the Lower House.

Leadership battle
Reformist liberal democrat party D66 has one seat less than in last week’s poll with 16, but that is still six more than it currently has.

The negative publicity surrounding the leadership battle in the Green Left party caused support for the party to plummet last week to just four seats, now it seems to have gone back up to six seats. But the party currently holds 10 Lower House seats.

The smaller parties appear to be winning support as the Christian Union is polled at six seats, the Animal Rights Party is polled at three and the orthodox Christian SGP has a virtual three seats. In all cases, that is one more seat than these parties actually have in parliament.

The De Hond poll is held among at least 2500 respondents on the internet, from a sample of more than 40,000 people who have ever responded to the panel.


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