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Tuesday 29 July  

Police unions suspend collective action

Published on 15 May 2012 - 2:33pm
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Police protests for more pay have been suspended, after the justice ministry and police unions agreed to return to the negotiating table. This means the police will once again be handing out fines for minor infractions. 

Negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement fell apart last month, at which point the police unions instructed their members to stop giving people fines for minor offences such as cycling at night without lights.

The various police unions and caretaker justice minister Ivo Opstelten say they are confident that the new round of talks will lead to a collective bargaining agreement that all parties can be happy with. 

The parties hope to conclude the negotiations by 1 June. Nevertheless, the police unions are keen point out that their members will have a final say on whether any formal offer from the justice ministry is acceptable.


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