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Sunday 26 October  
  • Bolivian President visits the Netherlands

    The Bolivian President Evo Morales visited the Netherlands today, where he spoke with Dutch Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal about sustainability.

    President Morales and Minister Rosenthal spoke about sustainable agriculture and gr...

  • Unilever "awarded" for misleading advertising

    Food manufacturer Unilever has won an award for misleading claims in advertising. The Gouden Windei (Golden Wind Egg) has been awarded to Becel Pro-activ margarine by Foodwatch.

    A wind egg is a defective egg, often with a soft shell or ...

  • Women’s field hockey win in London

    The Dutch women’s field hockey team won the six-nation tournament in London held on Sunday as a warm-up event ahead of the 2012 Olympics.

    The Dutch women played Australia in the finals. Successive goals by Carlien Dirkse...

  • Dutch travel sector must improve

    ING Bank’s economic bureau says the Dutch travel sector must innovate and make major investments if it is to survive falling numbers of holiday makers.

    In a report published on Monday, ING’s economists predict that the Dutc...

  • Gold for gymnasts Zonderland and van Gerner

    Dutch gymnasts Epke Zonderland and Céline van Gerner both took gold in Sunday’s finals of the Challenger Cup in the Belgian city of Ghent.

    Zonderland won first place on the horizontal bars with a score of 16,400, while Van...

  • Dutch border town's Euro 2012 emergency by-law

    The southeastern town of Kerkrade - which borders directly on Germany -  will introduce an emergency by-law during Wednesday’s Euro 2012  match between Holland and arch-rivals Germany.

    The by-law will only affect...

  • Growing numbers of Dutch flexitarians

    The Netherlands has seen a strong increase in the number of flexitarians – people who choose not to eat meat on at least one day a week.

    A survey conducted by environmental organisation Natuur & Milieu shows that about 35 perc...

  • Seven arrested in Rotterdam drugs haul

    Seven men were arrested in Rotterdam early on Sunday after a routine check resulted in a major drugs haul in which police seized tens of kilograms of drugs and several firearms.

    Officers driving along Tholenstraat spotted four men stan...

  • D66 democrats: forward to European political union

    Alexander Pechtold, the leader of the democrat party D66, wants further integration of the European Union despite widespread negative sentiments on the subject.

    He said Europe has to compete with powers like China, Brazil, Russia...

  • Dutch PM: the euro is here to stay

    Outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte believes the euro is here to stay.

    Mr Rutte, who appeared as a special guest on a Sunday breakfast show, said that he believed the euro would still exist in 50 years time.

    On the subject of the...

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