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Saturday 25 October  
  • "Forest boy" turns out to be Dutch

    A mysterious young man who appeared in Berlin last year claiming he had lived in a forest for five years is apparently Dutch.

    The 20-year-old comes from the city of Hengelo, according to police. The man was registered as missing, last s...

  • Dutch deficit below 3 percent in 2013

    An audit by the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis has calculated that the so-called Spring Agreement between the conservative VVD, Christian Democrats, democrat D66, Green Left and Christian Union parties will bring the budget def...

  • Opposition majority support for public transport bill

    A parliamentary bill submitted by the opposition parties which is designed to thwart government privatisation proposals for public transport is to be debated in parliament today.

    The Christian Democrats and the VVD will strongly...

  • Dutch minister visits Curaçao in crisis

    The Dutch Interior and Kingdom Relations Minister Liesbeth Spies is in Curaçao to discuss the financial problems the fledgling country is encountering. Meanwhile, Curaçao Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte admits there is a crisis in g...

  • Half the country watched the football on TV

    Nearly eight million Dutch people watched the Euro 2012 match between Holland and Germany on Wednesday evening. That is almost half the population.

    According to viewing research organisation Stichting KijkOnderzoek, around 8.6 m...

  • Queen Beatrix visits Turkey

    Queen Beatrix is in Turkey on a two-day visit as part of the celebrations to mark 400 years of diplomatic relations between the Netherlands and Turkey. Today, she will meet with students and scientists for lunch and this evening she is due to ...

  • Refusenik registrars soon to be history

    Parliament wants to get rid of all 'refusenik' registrars, civil servants who refuse to perform same-sex marriages because of their religious beliefs.

    National daily de Volkskrant reports that a broad majority in parliament is in favou...

  • Dutch unemployment set to keep rising

    Unemployment in the Netherlands is on the rise, the OECD has said in a recent study. Growth is expected to pick up only slowly, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development wrote in its Economic Survey of the Netherlands 2012.

  • Compensation for wounded Dutch veterans

    Wounded Dutch veterans will receive compensation from the Dutch Defence Ministry earlier than expected.

    Last November, Defence Minister Hans Hillen said 110 million had been set aside for veterans with physical injuries or menta...

  • Ritual slaughter ban rejected again in Dutch Senate

    The Dutch Upper House has rejected a ban on ritual slaughter without anaesthetising animals first. The Senate debated a bill by the Animal Rights Party Marianne Thieme for a second time on Tuesday. The first time round, Ms Thieme withdrew from ...

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