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Thursday 23 October  
  • Dutch defence ministry plans to sell F-16's

    Romania is interested in buying 15 surplus F-16’s from the Dutch airforce. A number of other countries have also shown interest in Dutch military vehicles and ordnance.

    On Thursday, the Defence Ministry confirmed reports th...

  • Better treatment for highly-educated cancer patients

    Highly educated cancer patients often receive better treatment than their counterparts with only limited education. They are also more likely to receive treatment intended to cure the patient, which is one of the reasons highly educated patient...

  • Dutch help block weapons delivery to Syria

    The Dutch navy was involved in the international effort to stop a potential weapons delivery to Syria, according to caretaker Minister of Foreign Affairs Uri Rosenthal.

    The British Minister of Foreign Affairs William Hague says the ship...

  • Queen makes weekly trips to visit Friso

    Queen Beatrix flies to London, every weekend, to visit with her son, Prince Friso, who lies in a coma at Wellington Hospital.

    Rumors of the queen’s weekly trips to London were confirmed by her brother-in-law, Pieter van Vollenhove...

  • People trafficking arrests in North Brabant

    Police in North Brabant have arrested nine people on suspicion of People trafficking and selling drugs.

    On Wednesday morning, police searched 10 houses in and around the city of Oss. Authorities found a number of women and one gi...

  • Dutch extend Afghanistan training mission

    Since the beginning of June, Dutch personnel have been training police officers in the Aliabad district of Kunduz province in Afghanistan. It is the second area outside the provincial capital, Kunduz City, where Dutch police trainers have start...

  • YouTube video shows Dutch police kicking man

    Rotterdam police have launched an inquiry after a brief film appeared on the internet showing a policewoman kicking a man a number of times. The man, who was arrested after the incident, appears to be offering no resistance.


  • Dutch Senate rejects ritual slaughter ban

    The Upper House has again voted down draft legislation designed to outlaw the slaughter of animals which have not first been stunned. The bill was passed by a large majority of MPs in the Lower House last year.

    The measure was put forwa...

  • Re-investigate Dutch role in Indonesia, scholars say

    A new, comprehensive investigation should be launched into conduct of the Dutch military in the former Dutch East Indies in the years 1945-1949. This is the conclusion reached by three Dutch research institutes.

    After WWII, the Dutch go...

  • Making lobbyists' influence public

    The Dutch Labour Party wants all new legislation to contain a section that explains the influemce lobbyists have had on the law. 

    According to Labour MP Lea Bouwmeester, this new section of the bill should include the name o...

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