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Saturday 25 October  
  • Police under fire, unions annoyed

    Dutch police union NPB is annoyed with the reactions of politicians after internet films showing police officers using force to arrest suspects were posted on the internet.

    Earlier this week, a film showing a female police offic...

  • Dutch parliament demands Rutte's EU vision

    A parliamentary debate on a two-day EU summit beginning on Thursday started after a one-and-a-half-hour delay on Wednesday afternoon. The Lower House had demanded a letter from Prime Minister Mark Rutte stating his position on proposals for a b...

  • Dutch paedophile club banned

    A court in Assen has banned the paedophile association "Martijn". As a result the association has to disband immediately. The court has ruled that the verdict applies immediately and cannot be suspended pending any appeal by Martijn.<...

  • Russian activist seeks asylum in the Netherlands

    Russian activist Aleksander Dolmatov has requested political asylum in the Netherlands, according de Volkskrant newspaper and news broadcaster NOS.

    Dolmatov worked as a designer for a company that makes tactical rockets. He claims that ...

  • 2 out of 3 Dutch cigarette lighters unsafe

    The number of dangerous cigarette lighters, for sale in the Netherlands, has dramatically increased in recent months.

    At the end of 2011, the European Federation of Lighter Manufacturers (EFLM) reported that half of the lighters for sal...

  • Fitch affirms Dutch AAA-status

    Credit rating agency Fitch has affirmed the Netherlands triple-A status. The US agency said the economic prospects for the country are stable.

    The Dutch triple-A status is the result of its ‘flexible, diversified and competitive e...

  • The Netherlands refuses to sign ACTA

    The Dutch cabinet will not be signing the ACTA treaty, in line with parliamentary wishes.

    The anti-piracy bill for the internet ACTA, which is meant to be signed by European countries, the United States and Japan, has been under ...

  • Severe cuts in EU development aid budget

    For the first time since 2002, European countries have given less in development aid. In all, fourteen countries have cut financial support to developing countries. Greece and Spain made the most drastic cutbacks. As a result, the contribution ...

  • The Netherlands climbs out of recession

    The Netherlands is officially no longer in recession. In the first quarter of 2012, the Dutch economy grew by 0.3 percent, according to Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

    Six weeks ago, CBS expected the economy to shrink by 0.2 percen...

  • Man accused of assisting illegal immigants

    Police in Amsterdam have arrested a 48-year-old man, who they suspect of helping African men fraudulantly obtain residency permits.

    The suspect is accused of pretending to be an attorney or legal advisor and falsifying cohabitati...

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