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Thursday 24 July  

Journalism prize for Hirsi Ali

Published on 10 May 2012 - 9:31am
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Dutch writer and former politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali will receive the German Axel Springer Award on Thursday.

The Axel Springer School of Journalism is named after a journalist and media magnate who died in 1985. According to the school of journalism Hirsi Ali deserves the award because of “her uncompromising struggle for the rights of Muslim women.” The organisation went on to say that Hirsi Ali has been willing to say courageous things even when it has put her own safety in jeopardy. 

Along with the prize, Hirsi Ali will receive 25,000 euros. Dutch writer Leon de Winter will speak at the award ceremony. Ayaan Hirsi Ali currently resides in the United States where she works at conservative thinktank.


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