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Thursday 31 July  

Dutch lorry drivers often victims of road rage

Published on 9 May 2012 - 9:55am
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The Dutch Social Affairs Ministry has announced it will launch a series of inspections to determine whether the transport sector is doing enough to reduce the risk of aggression and violence against lorry drivers.

Lorry drivers are regularly confronted with road rage, often resulting in violence or dangerous situations. Inspectors from the ministry will visit distribution centres and supermarkets to determine whether additional measures are necessary.

The focus of the inspectors will be on locations in inner cities, where aggression and violence against lorry drivers is most likely to occur. The inspectors will meet with employers, workers’ representatives, drivers and planners.

Figures released by sector organisation Transport and Logistics Netherlands show that nearly half of all lorry drivers faced aggression last year. Thirty percent of the recorded incidents involved physical violence.

The inspections will start later this year and may be continued in 2013.


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