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Thursday 17 April  

Dutch electoral council approves controversial name

Published on 16 May 2012 - 9:54am
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The Netherlands’ electoral council has announced that Freedom Party dissident Hero Brinkman can use the name Onafhankelijke Burger Partij (Independent Citizen’s Party) for his new party.

Local party Burger Partij Amersfoort (BPA) filed a complaint with the electoral council in April when Brinkman first announced the name for his new party.

BPA leader Hans van Wegen argued that voters could be confused by the fact that the word burger occurs in the name of both parties.

Van Wegen said the two names were much too similar and demanded Brinkman chose another name. However, the electoral council has now rejected his complaint and Brinkman can take part in the upcoming general elections on 12 September under the name Onafhankelijke Burger Partij.


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